Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms from the West Coast of Canada. Each Wild Origins Foraged Food is hand-picked by our select foragers. Our Chanterelles are harvested deep in the pristine forests of Haida Gwaii and dried on location within 24 hours of harvesting.

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Natures edible gold. Every fall around the Pacific North West one of the most infamous wild mushrooms beings to show cracks of yellow gold on the mossy forest floors. Not all chanterelles are golden or yellow however, these ones are some of the most sought after wild foods on the planet.


Aromas of apricot, walnut, and fern greens. Easily incorporated into many dishes as their flavour and texture hold up to many preparations and different ethnic cuisines. They pair well with meats like lamb, beef and chicken as well as almost any seafood especially salmon. They have a dense meaty texture and hold up well to long cook times, even in a slow cooker. These mushrooms are excellent stores of vitamin D, which can boost your mood and energy.


The meaty texture and versatile flavour profiles of the chanterelles make perfect sense for this condiment. Pop a slice of fresh-baked sourdough in the toaster, temper your favourite stinky cheese and voila. A feast fit for after school or your foodie friend’s birthday appetizers. What else could you use the tapenade for? It’s easily added to any pasta for a simple yet sultry entree. Try stuffing your favourite meat or fish, and even using it as a condiment for roasted or grilled vegetables. Do you make your own stuffed pasta? try it as the filling.

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