Slow-Dried Macro Kelp from the West Coast of Canada. Each Wild Origins Foraged Food is hand-picked by our select foragers. All of our seaweed is dried away from UV light and within 24 hours of harvest on location off the west coast of Vancouver Island or the North coast of Haida Gwaii.

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What is the difference between Macro & Bull kelps? The principal difference would be texture. Macro kelp has a ribbed structure giving it more bite and texture appeal. The flavour is also cleaner and less nutty than that of bull kelp. Macro kelp is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, growing up to 30cm per day during summer months. Part of the brown kelp family which includes almost 3000 varieties.


Use this briny, umami rich sea plant in a vast array of dishes. It can be used directly from dry or rehydrated depending on the dish you are preparing. Once you have incorporated wild seaweed into your diet you can eliminate iodized table salt and transition to a natural table salt as seaweed is rich in iodine. All kelps are a rich source of fibre, potassium and micro-nutrients. The seaweed can be torn, used whole, powdered, flaked or cut into pieces with scissors from dry. When re-hydrating in hot water you can then chop into large pieces, puree, thinly slice or use whole or half leaves as a wrapper or roll. The kelp is easily powdered and can be used as a natural seasoning for popcorn, rice, soups, steaks and much much more. An easy way to pack umami and nutrients into your everyday cooking.


This easy to cook, healthy and gluten-free lasagna is a family favourite. The texture of the Macro kelp beautifully emulates that of a traditional al lasagna sheet, yet more nutritious and healthy. It is important to note that Macro Kelp contains a high amount of sea salt. As does the cheese. It’s recommended that you only use one pinch of salt in your sauce so that the final dish is not overly salty.

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