Dried Morel Mushrooms from the West Coast of Canada. Each Wild Origins Foraged Food is hand-picked by our select foragers. Our Morels are dried on location within 24 hours of harvesting.

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Unlike most wild mushrooms, harvesting Morels occurs in a different location every year. They flourish the year following a wildfire of significant size. Due to the fact that they grow in different locations and terrain on an annual basis, makes them one of the most challenging mushrooms to harvest and find. Their spores are stored inside of many varieties of coniferous trees and when burned they are released into the soil and allow for the mushrooms to grow from spring to mid-summer.


Packed with micronutrients and featuring a nutty, smoky, earthy and strong mushroom flavour. The morels are hollow which makes them great for stuffing. This recipe has been in the wild origins family tree for five generations. For vegetarian and vegan cooking, these mushrooms are perfect to use as the star of any dish. Their honeycomb-like texture makes them incomparable to any other wild mushroom.


An original creation made for vegans and lovers of sushi. The meaty texture of the Morels could easily be mistaken for a luscious piece of bbq eel. The teriyaki sauce adds even more umami flavour to the already flavour packed sponges that are these rare wild Morels. Don’t stop at a simple nigiri, top your favourite rolls, add to bowls, serve with raw fish… Your imagination is the limit. You may even find yourself grabbing them out of the pan as a simple snack.

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