Dried Pine Mushrooms from the West Coast of Canada. Each Wild Origins Foraged Food is hand-picked by our select foragers. Our Pine Mushrooms are harvested annually in Northern B.C. and are dried within 24 hours of harvesting.

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Every autumn in B.C. Pine mushroom hotspots draw in the ever obsessed forager. As though the small white caps of these bulbous, aromatic treasures was calling their name. As pine mushrooms return in the same second or third growth forests every year, for those who harvest them it’s an annual pilgrimage to the harvesting grounds. Some of the most highly guarded secrets among professional foragers are these rare spots where pine mushrooms can be harvested by the ton.


In Japan, it is said that for each pine mushroom aka “matsutake” consumed you add another year to your life. If this is true it’s soothing to know us fungiphiles will be in good company on this planet for some time to come. The texture of the pine mushroom is firm, its aroma has notes of cinnamon, fir needles, pine pitch, and a briny salty sea breeze. They are well suited to be powdered, infused into broths, pureed into soups and slowly cooked in rich braised dishes or casseroles.


One of the best ways to enjoy pine mushrooms is to infuse them into a broth. In this case into a miso broth. Nothing more fitting than combining one of Japan’s most beloved broths with a most beloved ingredient. A Japanese proverb says “for every pine mushroom you eat you add one year to your life”

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